Differences in furby Toys of the Last season to the Present

It is no secret that Toys have been changing in the past ten decades. With all the technological advances made by toy manufacturers and producers, the term toy means something entirely different than it did to the previous generations. Parents will recall when toys meant things such as dolls, tea sets, non battery operated cars and trucks, train sets and Lego blocks. Their children however, will recall toys such as Nintendo, X Box, Guitar Hero, Robot toys and remote controlled cars, trucks and airplanes. Granted, there were some technological toys on the market ten years ago, but they were nowhere close to the toys of today If the toy making tendencies are to continue as they have been, I am positive the next ten years will find us purchasing robots for our children which have the capacity to convert into a couple of distinct kinds of toys.


Ten years ago, the top few toys on the market which kids were asking for were toys such as the Furby, the Tickle Me Elmo, the Tamagotchi, Beanie Babies and the Teletubbies. There was nothing overly technological about these kinds of furbies, and all parents knew them, and how they functioned. Except for the Tamagotchi.  . .some parents might have had any trouble understanding what the purpose of a digital pet was after that year, the upcoming fads in toys were toys like, the Baby Furby and, believe it or not, the Yo the Yo came back to the scene after being completely redone and introduced as the new and enhanced Provo. Baby Furby was as big a hit as the Furby of the year before, and toy shops made a great profit off of the interactive toy.

After these toy trends were the TV series, Who Wants to be a Millionaire hit the airwaves, and needless to say, the board game came out before Christmas and was asked for by many children that year. In addition to this popular game came some toys which were more technologically advanced than the toys of Christmas past. 1 example of the kind of toy is the robotic pet. This toy has been very popular with both kids and parents, since it provided a sort of surrogate for a real puppy, without being smelly, dirty or noisy. The pet did a lot of real, pet like matters without the trouble of having to care for a pet. It was also a wonderful idea for families with pet allergies. Following the robotic pet, Technology essentially took over the toy business, and currently there are toys such as, more advanced robotic toys, video games, X Box, Guitar Hero, Nintendo Wii and all the plug and play games.